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We help you
build sales

We’re GTM experts from Snap, Headspace, Flexport, Stryker, OMD, Talkspace, & Redesign Health.

Unlock growth with data-driven "Done-With-You" systems to scale. 


Get there faster with confidence in your GTM playbook

Without a well orchestrated sales engine, you're leaving

revenue on the table.

Inefficient Lead Generation? 

Unoptimized Sales Process?

Underutilized Sales Technology? 

Lacking Sales Enablement and Training?

Stagnant Revenue Growth? 

Scaling Difficulties? 

What we do -sevices


What we do

We’ve helped 100+ companies build B2B sustainable revenue growth using the Quantum "Done-With-You" System. Launch, refine, and scale a standardized sales optimization process to build pipeline, boost profit, and up-level a culture of excellence. 


Stabilize Financial Performance, Improve Operational Efficiency, Increase Investor Confidence


Increase Sales Opportunities, Optimize Lead Generation, Enhance Pipeline Visibility 


Improve Marketing ROI, Maximize Top of Funnel Conversion and Close Ratios, Accelerate Deal Velocity 


Standardize SOPs, Blueprints, Playbooks, Integrate Streamlined Workflows, Refine Data-driven Decision Making


Enhance Utilization of Automation and A.I., Sales Tech Stack Deployment & Training, Cross-functional Team Alignment 


Strengthen Leadership Competencies, Standardize Management Practices, Build a Culture of Excellence & Resilience



Who we are

We’ve worked at some of the most successful high-growth companies over the last 20 years, building marketing, sales, success, and operations teams. 

Matt Savarick

Matt Savarick

Headspace ($3B merger), TriNet (IPO), Stryker, Talkspace ($1.4B SPAC), Equinox 

Matt has led sales and success teams at Seed to Series E startups from $0 to $100M ARR and Fortune 50s alike. He built the sales teams and function from the ground floor at Headspace, ReThink Health, and Talkspace using a unique whole-person approach. He also led top sales teams at healthcare and technology juggernauts Stryker and TriNet. He's also invested in 35+ companies personally and through his Mental Health VC Fund, ITER Investments which has been covered in 50 top-tier publications.

While building Headspace’s growth team, he launched their first Enterprise product (Headspace For Work) for teams in 2017 and their integrated behavioral health platform in 2020—while building the team from 1 to 25+ sellers. At Talkspace, he was responsible for driving sustainable and repeatable growth in preparation of a successful exit in 2021. While at LetsGetChecked he structured the biggest single deal in the company’s history with America's 2nd largest holding company for $33+ MM. While at Stryker, he was 1 of 20 National Field Sales Trainers selected out of 10,000 representatives to help develop and deploy a new sales training program nationally.

Matt is a business growth coach, helping entrepreneurs harness the power of proven principles to grow their businesses faster and more efficiently. Currently, he is a board member at several non-profits and advises on initiatives supporting youth mental health, the most popular female health app on the planet, and trauma-conscious mindfulness training for military service members (and their families)

Alex Smith

Alex Smith

Headspace($3B merger), Flexport ($4B ARR),

Redesign Health

With over a decade of experience, Alex has honed her skills in scaling and evolving startups and established companies alike all over the globe. Alex's journey has been marked by success stories in leading sales organizations through acquisitions, fundings, mergers, and IPOs.

At the helm of Quantum Sales Consulting is Alex, the Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder, whose mission is to empower founders and sales leaders with exponential pipeline growth and new business revenue. Alex specializes in new business acquisition revenue, outbound sales, pipeline development, demand generation, sales automation, sales hiring, sales enablement programs, and crafting winning repeatable scale strategies.

Sales is more than a profession for Alex – it's a passion. She thrives on building robust outbound sales engines, devising top-of-the-funnel strategies, and achieving ambitious milestones, all while enhancing enterprise value.

But life isn't all about sales for Alex. She is also the creator and host of the @FDITakeover Youtube Channel, a fitness enthusiast, a certified yoga, breath-work, and meditation instructor, and a lover of adventure. From canyoning in Patagonia to mountain biking in Chile and surfing in Costa Rica, Alex's adventures reflect her drive for excellence and exploration. Currently, she is exploring the underwater world as a PADI Diver in training.

Ashley Savarick

Ashley Savarick

Citrix, Annalect (Omnicom Media Group),

Flashtalking (acq. Mediaocean), Snap ($24B IPO)

Ashley has been leading operations and success teams for over a decade now, steering initiatives from the ground up and driving substantial growth for top tech companies and their clients. She brings a wealth of experience in managing people, complex projects and operational strategies, honed across notable industry names such as Snap, Flashtalking, and Annalect (at OMD).

During her tenure as Ad Operations Lead at Snap Inc., Ashley's strategic acumen played a pivotal role in shaping the operational framework, driving unprecedented commercial success. Handpicked by the COO, she spearheaded IPO preparations, enhancing due diligence support and document preparation. At Flashtalking, Ashley streamlined delivery systems, boosting client satisfaction and overall performance. At Annalect, she optimized client outcomes through her prowess in sales, account management, and operational engineering. At Citrix, Ashley ensured flawless software deployment, contributing to the company's reputation for reliability and user-centric products.

Aside from her professional pursuits, Ashley embarked on a dedicated career break for full-time parenting, showcasing her commitment to work-life balance and personal development. This period not only allowed her to prioritize her family but also granted her a renewed perspective that she now applies to her professional endeavors. Ashley's career is distinguished by her knack for innovative problem-solving, strategic operational design, and exceptional results delivery, rendering her an indispensable asset for organizations seeking to elevate their advertising and operational prowess.

Her passion for teaching shines through in her volunteer work sitting on the board at a local day school.


Redesign Health


Companies we've worked with

Here's what they say about us… 

Prab Dhar

Prab Dhar

Head of Sales, Headspace

“Alex carries the secret superpower of being both extremely
operationally talented, but also someone that others want to follow

due to her innate ability to deeply connect with the human inside
everyone. We really need more leaders like Alex in the commercial
world that are able to
drive business fundamentals, and have a
service led mindset in helping others get on their path to highest
potential. I’d recommend her to anyone that is looking to
scale sales
growth efficiently
and drive a world class culture.”

Dave Yang

Dave Yang

Regional Head of Sales, Grab Ads

-Ex Snap, and Facebook

"Ashley has incredible range and ability to adapt to situations and roles. Not only is she able to adapt to fast moving scenarios, she also provides needed leadership and direction to the rest of the team in those moments. Ashley's high level of efficiency is underpinned by her detailed oriented approach and leads her team with a clear path of process and priorities. Ashley is a strategic thinker who not only lays out the plan but the tactics to execute them in a manner that ensures consistency and scale."

Parker Chenoweth

Parker Chenoweth

Executive Sales Leader, Flexport

“Alex has literally re-shaped the entire sales organization at Flexport.
She is single-handedly responsible for creating the sales process
and structure that has allowed us to successfully scale our sales
organization to
11 global offices and over 50+ sales reps - targeting
$1B in revenue

Rich Bursek

Rich Bursek

President & Partner, Certuity

"I started working with Matt in 2019 and he taught me a set of tools that transformed my growth personally and professionally. His coaching, and the results that followed, quickly led to a corporate partnership with executive revenue leaders throughout our entire organization. The scope of work keeps expanding into working relationships with our business partners and their executive teams. Matt’s work and the results that followed created enormous value and turned into a refreshing way of being able to navigate through the dynamic world of life."

Evan Kinne

Evan Kinne

Co-Founder/President, AXCS Capital, Managing Director, George Smith Partners

“Being in Matt’s orbit is an honor. He has a gentle, yet persistent way of cracking you open and helping you flush out your own thoughts in a unique way. His encouragement has helped me open doors I thought were locked and not just pass through them, but rather, blow them down. His steadfast nature has helped me become more consistent in the workplace, at home, and with my intentions for success in areas of my life I seek to improve. If you have the opportunity to work with Matt, it’s a serious commitment. Matt expects and deserves the same intensity, consistency, and focus in return that he puts into the program shown back to him by you. You must put in the time, the repetitions, and the practice, to improve and Matt will help put a framework in place where you will succeed in placing those building blocks. There are no shortcuts or hacks. This is work… hard work, but once the machine is humming, success and results follow. In my personal experience, bigger and faster than I once thought possible. You won’t regret working with Matt and his team. Like planting a tree, you’ll just wish you had done it 20 years ago!"

Kevin Longo

Kevin Longo

Head of Americas Strategy/Analytics, Snap

"Ashley is the quintessential problem solver. She wore a lot of hats for us, from Ad Operations Lead to Sales Account Manager to helping us rebuild processes after we re-organized the sales support organization, because whenever she's involved we were confident that she'd be able to identify root issues and build both short and long terms solutions to help us address them. It was a pleasure working with her I'd recommend her for any opportunity requiring a thoughtful and analytical leader in the digital space."

Evan Orenstein

Evan Orenstein

Head of Ad Ops, Spotter

-Ex TikTok, Snap, Hulu

"Ashley's dedication to our advertisers, business processes and goals, and most importantly the Ad Operations team was second to none. Ashley has an incredibly high quality bar and is extremely detail oriented which was evident in her daily interactions with the team, her work product and our hiring process."

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

MBA, CEO and Co-Founder, Anise Health

“Matt is a rare breed of coach whom you can trust for tailored advice across multiple dimensions of your work and personal life. In addition to his successful track record as a corporate executive, athlete, husband, partner, dad, etc., Matt brings deep empathy and humor to our conversations which make him incredibly impactful as a coach since he always meets you where you're at.
As a new
venture-backed entrepreneur, Matt has offered critical mentorship for me to get my startup off the ground and pursue my dreams. He has helped me strengthen my mental resilience and continues to help me develop the practical skills I need to build a successful business."


Esq. CPA. Co-Founder / Managing Principal, ITER Investments | Founding Partner, Mr. Cannabis Law

"Operating an 8-figure venture firm and a multi-7-figure law firm, I wanted to elevate our revenue growth and foster a thriving team dynamic. This journey led me to Quantum, a force multiplier in reshaping our sales strategy and team synergy, driving unparalleled success. QSC has been a cornerstone for us, providing:
- Innovative strategic frameworks that unlocked our growth, particularly in the finance and legal sectors.
Deep insights and actionable playbooks for cultivating a high-impact sales culture, teamwork, efficiency, and satisfaction.
- Essential tools and strategies to synchronize our efforts into a unified, impactful sales approach.
Exceptional coaching that blends Quantum’s sharp business insight with a keen understanding of emotional dynamics, enhancing leadership across the board.
Quantum doesn’t just optimize revenue processes; it enriches the people behind them. Their guidance has created an ecosystem where innovation is standard, goals are exceeded, and personal growth is integral. Quantum stands as the ideal partner for leaders navigating the complexities of expansion. They don’t just promise revenue enhancement and a unified team—they deliver it. Engaging with Quantum is not just a step but a leap towards realizing our business potential."

Gordon Tobin

Gordon Tobin

Vice President & General Manager, G2

“Alex is one of the kindest most authentic and compassionate sales
leaders I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She possesses a rare
distribution of
deep intellectual horsepower, emotional intelligence
married with an infectious sense of humor. Her ability to inspire
others to shared objectives and get the really hard work done while
creating a fun a loving environment
for all those who are fortunate
enough to enter her orbit is uncanny.”

Jayson Brown

Jayson Brown

Partner, Top Producer, Camden Capital

“Matt has been my go-to growth sounding board for the past 5 years. He has enhanced my life in more ways than one. I have since 4X'ed my business and deepened my most important relationships. Matt has helped me redirect my A.D.H.D. energy into a more focused conduit of actions that produce results I never imagined possible. For example, just last year I doubled my business, all while coaching my kids sports teams, and building my dream home. Since working with Matt, we’ve completely transformed my sales process, my focus, and the scaling of my business resulting in 45% year-over-year growth. This year, I made a partner at my company, which is the lagging indicator and complete validation that the work we are doing together results in outsized outcomes I’d never dreamed possible 5 years ago."


Alex Bear

CEO, Nutrome

“Before working with Alex, I felt stuck and somewhat hopeless - I was spending more than I was earning in revenue and on the verge of closing my business. Alex worked patiently with me for three months, analyzing my business/sales operations and providing practical guidance. I am proud to say that I recently closed my biggest sale EVER thanks to Alex (10X)!!! Plus, she helped me develop a plan and the confidence to continue making these high-ticket sales.”

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